HEALTH HINTS Take Your Medications Correctly

Take Your Medications Correctly


Take Your Medications Correctly

Are you part of the 2%?  I hope so!

After thousands of patients and over 20 years of collecting data, I consistently find that 2% of the patients I see don’t need any medication change.   I hope you are in this esteemed 2%.  It means your medication regimen is safe, effective, dosed correctly, and working just as expected for you.  You have no unmet health needs.  You are doing the things you want to do in your life with no limitations posed by medicine.

A full 2% understand their medications and take them correctly.

How do you know if you’re part of the other 98%?

A medication use specialist reviewing your health plan might uncover any of these things:

  • Your medication is causing a side effect that is impacting your day
  • There is another medication that could have the same benefit without the disruptive side effect
  • Your dose is too low to completely do what it is intended to do
  • Your dose is too high for what you need
  • Your kidneys or liver have changed, so your dose needs to change
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What if you’re part of the 98%?

That’s why I do what I do! 

Contacting Meds MASH

A full 98% of people have room for improvement or education with their medications.  Nearly ¾ need an actual medication or dose change.  Even after I have worked with people for years, about ½ of the time, there is more work to be done.  I never make changes all at once.  Your health is too important. Any changes, agreed to by you and your doctor, are made one at a time while we carefully monitor your response.

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Note: Michelle was the first author on the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists/National Council on Aging Falls Risk Reduction Toolkit.  This was designed to complement the center for Disease Control’s STEDI Toolkit.






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