Member Experience Committee  Meeting 4.5.18

LtoR: Richard Abraham, Chair/MEC; Katherine Miles, Patti Farrell, Sherry Rush, who is acting as Secretary, Kathleen Subasic.  Not in photo, Pat France and Rebecca Snyder. Several other members were unable to make it to this particular meeting.MSRN’s

MSRN’s Member Experience Committee (MEC), April 5, 2018 at Sherry Rush’s conference room.  MEC discusses ways to make our member’s experience with MSRN as good as it possibly can be.

At this meeting we discussed adopting and partnering with a charitable organization that is Senior Oriented.  We are not “wedded or partnered” with the Alzeiheimer’s Association.  However, we have been participating in their annual Walk To End Alzheimers in October.

We also discussed Member Activities at our Monthly Member meetings.  Seems our members really like these small group discussions.  We took time to write suggestions for new topics for discussions at future meetings.

One other topic brought up by Katherine Miles was that in her Towson community, Glendale/Glenmont, there are many seniors who just don’t know where to go for help, like MSRN offers.  She is a good neighbor and helps seniors the best she can but there is a lot she can’t help with.  Pat France offered to design a fact sheet on MSRN and ASK THE EXPERT PANEL and mail it to the Presidents of the Towson communities.  Pat is part of the Greater Towson Council of Communities Associations and knows all the communities and their presidents.  Pat and Katherine will work on this project together.

Thanks to all members who participate on this committee.