Breathe Strong training, July 29, 2018BrightStar Healthcare of Baltimore City/County partnered with Future Care Cherrywood’s 3-Time State Award Winning Respiratory Therapist, Alexander Grichuhin to create a training program for our staff focused on Pulminary Diseases. This is an offshoot of the Future Care Breathe Strong Program. The program is focused on clients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Alexander provided an interactive pulmonary training to a group of BrightStar CNA in Pikesville, MD. The training focused on understanding “red flag” symptoms for those with chronic lung issues. BrightStar’s staff learned the red flag signs when respiratory equipment is not working properly, using a pulse oximeter and getting accurate readings, using a spirometer and exercises to help clients improve their results, techniques to relieve wheezing and congestion, CPAP an BPAP therapy, and the correct way to clean respiratory equipment.

The goal of this training is to help BrightStar staff to become competent to provide targeted care for clients with COPD and bring the Breathe Strong program from the rehab to the home. The feedback from the staff was that this was a practical and really helpful program. We have already heard that some of our staff are using what they learned with their BrightStar clients.