Craig Vacovsky has been a member of MSRN since 2009.  That goes all the way back to when we were NAIPC!  Long time!

October 1, 2018 MSRN Meeting

Craig’s company is called Senior Handy Services.

The main thrust of his business is to serve seniors but over the years, he has served many of our MSRN members as well.  And all are satisfied.

The company aims to keep seniors in their home as long as possible by providing services such as: Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, Comfort Height Toilets, etc.  No job is too large or too small.  Craig has trustworthy people ready to do the work for you.  They install chair lifts for stairways, elevators, ramps and so many other needed items for seniors.

Craig Vacovsky/Senor Handy Services: Phone: 410-409-8530  EMAIL: and his website: