Carol Ashmen presented her company Atlantic Financial Services, Inc to MSRN Members.  She spoke about financials matters of interest to investors.  Carol has been a Stockbroker since 1988 and Financial Advisor since 1999.  She is a registered investment advisor/managed accounts held at T D Ameritrade Institutional.  Carol provides fee-based services for fully managed accounts helping seniors and retirees manage the right mix of investments for a comfortable quality of life. On August 6, Carol discussed how to maximize your benefits, how to and when to take income from your Traditional IRA, Roth or General Account to maximize your Social Security Income.  What retirees find out after retiring that they wish they had known before retiring.  It is never too soon to start planning your retirement.

Carol Ashmen Presenting 8.6.18

MSRN MEMBER: Carol Ashmen, Investment Advisor, Atlantic Financial Services, Inc.

Phone: 410-296-0470 Cell: 410-218-9430


Office location: 920 Providence Road, Suite 201, Towson, MD 21286