Abilities Network Announces Grant Funding Available for Low Income Seniors

Announcing grant funding available to assist lower income seniors in the Baltimore Metro area.

Move Management & Clutter Management Services

 We have funding to help not only with Move Coordination Services for incoming residents moving into subsidized senior housing, but also de-cluttering services for current residents who are at risk of eviction. Qualifying candidates only pay 25-35% of the total expenses, while the rest is covered by the grant funding.

What is Move Management Services at Abilities Network?

Abilities Network Move Management Services provides personalized relocation services to support seniors in their transition into a new home by planning, coordinating, packing, unpacking and re-settling your items into your new space. We help with the emotional and physical aspects of moving, making the transition easier for the senior. 

What is Clutter Management Services at Abilities Network?

Abilities Network Clutter Management Services works in conjunction with the management of subsidized senior apartment community (HUD or Tax Credit buildings) to provide personalized de-cluttering services to assist seniors who are at risk of eviction. We help with the emotional and physical aspects of sorting & organizing, making the process easier for the senior.

Will those who apply receive the same service as everybody else?

Of Course. everyone will receive the same quality service to live up to our fine reputation.

Funds are limited and will be used on a first come first served basis while they last.  We can only take 1-2 clutter management clients per grant year.  If there are additional funds available after those first 1-2, then we will determine if we are able to take on any additional.   So, time is of the essence!

Who should apply?

First they must meet the criteria given above.  For Move Management Services, a candidate must be a senior (62+) moving into a subsidized senior apartment community (HUD or Tax Credit).   They can call us to take the next steps necessary (an in-home consultation, etc.).  In the case of the clutter management, the building management must refer the senior who is currently living in subsidized senior apartment community (HUD or Tax Credit) and at risk of eviction due to clutter issues.  We would contact the resident for next steps (an in home assessment, etc.)

Heather Murphy

Heather Murphy, MSRN

The grant funding is available on a first come, first served basis while the funds last.

Please contact Heather Murphy, Director of Move Management Services, at

410-828-7700 ext. 1271

or e-mail  hmurphy@abilitiesnetwork.org   

to schedule a consultation to find out if you qualify.


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