All of us need to pay attention to what we eat.  No matter what our age is.  The earlier you start eating healthy, the better off you will be in your older years.

10 “Superfoods” to Eat Daily for Optimal Health

 | Updated February 21, 2019

Ask five nutrition experts to provide a list of their favorite “superfoods,” and the results will vary—but they’ll also overlap. The reason is each food provides something different and of great use to your body.

One food on the list might be a rich source of protein or fiber but wind up lacking in vitamins and minerals. Another superfood could be loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants, but be largely absent of protein. That’s why experts claim that eating a wide variety of power foods is the best way to ensure optimal health.

Try to eat the following foods every day, and you’ll check just about all of the nutritional boxes.

Blueberries, Top for Antioxidants; Oats for fiber; An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away; Green Tea increases Metabolism; Ground Flaxseed Reduces Imflammation; Yogurt Improves Gut Bacteria; Broccoli is Antioxidant King; Olive Oil for Heart Health; Beans are Brain Food; and Cinnamon is a Healing Spice.

This article submitted by Pat France, MSRN Member