Bracha Poliakoff, MSRN Member, presented a workshop titled “The Impostor Syndrome” at BrightView Towson, also an MSRN Member, July 23, 2019 to Social Workers.  Those in attendance earned 3 category 1 CEUS.

Summary of the workshop:  Do you, or your clients, struggle with self-doubt despite significant personal and professional accomplishments or worry that others will find out that you are a “fraud” or “impostor“?

This workshop, given by Bracha Poliakoff, LCSW-C, provides mental health professionals with a deeper understanding of imposter syndrome and its effect on mental health professionals and those they serve.

In addition, participants learn a number of effective cognitive-behavioral techniques that can be used to increase self-efficacy and confidence, while decreasing self-doubt and anxiety, for those who struggle with impostor syndrome.

Bracha used technology to evaluate how the audience felt about anxiety.  They took out their cell phones and texted how they felt on a scale of 1 – 3 and the results showed on the screen with no identities.  Pretty neat!


Submitted by Pat France, MSRN Member