As always, we are appreciative to MSRN member Heather Murphy, for arranging for us to meet at the Abilities Network building in Towson each month.  The accommodations are perfect!


Nominees for 2020 Board, L to R: Eric Benzer nominated to be Vice President; Sherry Rush nominated to be Vice President; Rebecca Snyder to be Secretary; Cheryl Boone to be Treasurer and Richard Abraham to be President.

President Alice Young reminds this group there is just 5 minutes left for this activity. L to R: Alice Young, Karl Douglas, Michelle Fritsch, Bruce Goodman, Chuck Connolly with back to camera and James Macfarlane


Those at table closest to camera: Steve Sless, speaking, Rahkel Govantes, Sherry Rush, Melissa Barnickel and Patti Farrell taking notes.