Bruce AND Deborah

Within MSRN, we work together to bring the services that seniors need.  On October 26, 2019, our organization, filled with vetted professionals from all different service industries unite and walk together for this movement to reclaim the future for millions.

WE RAISED $2,939 this year and MSRN donated another $1500 so our total contribution was $4439.00!  MSRN Team Participants this year were: Deb Bakalich, Fallon Bakalich, Michele Miller, Robin Dulaney, Sherry Rush, AnnMarie Ferretti, Perry Welling, Bruce Goodman, Julie Dew.

Michele, Sherry, AnnMarie, Robin, Deborah, Fallon

Deborah Bakalich and Fallon Bakalich

Sherry, Michele, AnnMarie; Back…Perry and Julie Dew