8 Common Problems and Why They Occur

Aging takes its toll on your feet as it does with the rest of your body. Given the amount of stress we place on our feet over a lifetime, it’s easy to see why these problems occur. In addition to general wear and tear, there are physiological changes that will inevitably affect how your joints, bones, and tendons function.

These changes tend to develop gradually as cell turnover and collagen production begin to slow. As the skin starts to thin, so too will the fatty layer cushioning the soles and heels. These changes can give rise to stability problems affecting the knees, hips, and lower back. The gradual wearing down of cartilage in the joint space, along with inflammation of bursa and tendons, only add to the burden.

Here are some of the more common aging-related foot and ankle disorders:

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Article submitted by Pat France, MSRN Member and a Senior