Another successful, fun filled evening with MSRN Members.  December 11, 2019 a good time was had by all at Charles Village Pub.

James, Macfarlane, AnnMarie Ferretti, Bruce Goodman, Richard Abraham

Alice Young, Outgoing President, receiving Citation from Senator Chris West.

Citation from Senator Chris West to K. Alice Young, Esq. recognizing her outstanding leadership as President of MSRN 2018 and 2019.

Adam Zimmerman, Stephanie Pessin, Bruce Goodman, Doanna Canapp, Ellen Platt and Chuck Connolly.

Ann Marie Ferretti, Suzanne Taylor , Steve Sless, Kevin Taylor and Steve Converse

Stephanie Pessin, James Macfarlane, Deb Bakalich, Doanna Canapp, Patti Farrell, Chuck Connolly, Ellen Platt, Alice Young, and Richard Abraham, our incoming President for 2020.

Ryan Guzzino, Andri Purkanto and Karl Douglas deep in conversation.

Pat France, Dawn, Converse, Alice Young, Rebecca Snyder, Carol Ashmen, Cindy Stevens, Deb Bakalich and Marina Brockmann.

Carol Ashmen, Richard Dix and Pat France.

MSRN expects to have another successful year in 2020!


Submitted and posted by Pat France, MSRN Member – Photos by Patti Farrell, MSRN Member