Admin/Board 2019

Alice Young
Alice YoungPresident
Richard Abraham
Richard AbrahamVice President
Cheryl Boone
Cheryl BooneTreasurer
Rebecca Snyder
Rebecca SnyderSecretary
Pat France
Pat FranceBoard Member at Large and Alt Treasurer


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External Education

Ask the Expert

MSRN Member Experience Committee

Responsibilities include: 1) Marketing, 2) Promotion of MSRN and the products & services provided by members, 3) create vehicles for members to refer business to each other, 4) Internal Member Education.

Nominations Committee

Aug: Chair announces the Nominations process is starting. Descriptions of the officer’s responsibilities can be found in    the Policy and Procedures Manual.
Sept: Chair releases the call for nominations via electronic Survey Monkey poll.
Oct: Nominees will be announced. Chair will notify those elected.
Nov: New officers will be introduced to the members.
Jan: Installation of New Officers