Katz Patient Advocate, Inc. – Myra Katz, BCPA, PA-C

Katz Patient Advocate, Inc. – Myra Katz, BCPA, PA-C
Business Name: Katz Patient Advocate, Inc. – Myra Katz, BCPA, PA-C
Phone: 410-978-3763

Katz Patient Advocate was founded by Myra Katz, a Physician Assistant with a keen interest and experience in oncology who recognizes the need for guidance for both patients and their loved ones throughout their journey. Myra has had a great deal of experience in oncology and chronic illness and understands how difficult this time can be. Oftentimes, patients are blindsided by their diagnosis, and are fearful and confused at how to best proceed. Add in well meaning friends, family and the need to “fix it now” and the process becomes that much more difficult. We will be by your side every step of the way through the cancer maze, of diagnosis.

Many times family members are out of town, and would like an experienced, person to accompany their loved ones to their visit, and talk to their loved ones. We offer that service.

In addition, Myra is aware that our medical system is not “user friendly” and that providers are not often aware of how other providers are treating patients. Contrary to what may people believe, past medical history, medical allergies, procedures are not always available when needed to providers. We will provide a health assessment, reviewing past history, obtain pertinent medical records, and give you a “Cliffs note” to take to doctors visits. We will help people to be their own advocates.

Myra also is an advocate for Gilchrist, volunteers in the facility, at patient homes, runs bereavement groups, and is a death doula, helping people achieve a peaceful, “good” death along with their loved ones.

Geographic area served: Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and surrounding areas